First I thought it would the same old software, same old ideas and some old features. When I was waiting for the download from I was slowly realizing this wasn’t an ordinary alarm clock program. The program is listed with a bunch of unique features such as:

  • Unlimited Number of events
  • Free color choice
  • Save/load settings
  • Countdown mode (great for eBay)
  • Creating events
  • Open any given file at an event
  • Shut down/restart/hibernation/log off at a selected time.

I ran the program after I finished downloading it. On the left there is a Set Time and Date for the alarm clock. I tried setting it to one minute forward from my current time and pressed set. This made the whole program turne orange. It was really visible and I could tell I set the alarm clock correctly. I waited patiently for the one minute to go by and I heard a little beeping noise. The noise wasn’t loud but it presented me with free features to snooze, shut it off, or just do nothing.

I browsed it again at the alarm features and I was presented with a feature that was unbelievably cool that was you could actually set your alarm clock to shut down your computer. I can set the alarm clock to shut down my computer when it finishes doing any given task, then go to sleep knowing that the computer will turn off itself.

On the left was time and clock and beside the alarm feature you could set the countdown timer. I was excited for the countdown mode as I love sniping on eBay just waiting for the last possible second to snipe it.

When I pressed the countdown timer it gave me three little boxes to choose. I could choose the hour, minute, and the seconds which gives me almost all the options. I selected 1 minute and pressed set alarm and I found a

similar screen to the alarm except the time was counting down. I waited patiently for 1 minute again and then a message shows up with snooze and a sound I hear similarly with the alarm one.

Alarm clock by tarry91

I was impressed by the features of the countdown timer as most of them only works for hours or the difference of time and was complicated. This was easy to setup and the countdown timer worked great. Another great feature of this software is it hides itself when you minimize it to the tray. In the tray the software will still countdown and that is a great feature also.

I was impressed by the features of this software and I would greatly recommend people to try the software out and use this for benefits like eBay sniping, birthday alarm etc…

Download Alarm Clock by Tarry91

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