If you’re visiting us from Germany, you probably think that tech company Avira needs no introduction, but the company isn’t quite as famous in the UK or US. That’s not to say that Avira won’t be making a name for itself with this antivirus program which offers not only an impressive range of features for a free antivirus program but also a very impressive detection rate. We take a look at how it stacks up in a now crowded field of virus checkers.


Installation and Setup

Installation takes some time and there’s a screen asking for quite a bit of personal information although this is optional. Post installation requires a quick scan which takes between one and two minutes. There’s also the rather unique option to set what AntiVir protects your computer against. Obviously you’ll want to set it to protect you from viruses and Malware but others – such as detection and removal of games – could be useful in specific instances and are a nice addition to the package. Installed, the program uses around 60MB of space.

Ease of Use

The Antivir interface allows you to perform a variety of different tasks including scheduling and setting behaviours for different types of file. You can also set the program to only scan certain file types which can reduce the CPU load on the system, although the minimal amount of CPU Antivir typically uses means you probably won’t need to set this option if you’re using a reasonably good computer.


Unlike other virus checkers Antivir unfortunately doesn’t scan things before you get them and only works once a file is on your hard drive, so there’s none of the IM and Email checkers that you’ll find with other virus checkers both free and commercial.

On the positive side, AntiVir has nearly unmatched virus detection and it’s this that really matters when it comes to antivirus software – you can be pretty sure if you have a virus, even something uncommon or hard to detect, AntiVir will find it for you.

Differences Between Free and Professional

The professional version of AntiVir will cost around $25 (£15) a year and enable additional spyware protection, internet advert blocking, faster updating and the removal of the many nag screens found throughout the free version.

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