The Bullzip PDF Printer may seem like a fairly straightforward piece of software, but the technicalities behind its development are actually quite complicated. The Bullzip PDF Printer basically works by being a Microsoft Windows printer. This will allow users to write as many PDF documents as they wish, using almost any type of application from Microsoft Windows, which means there is plenty of flexibility.

One great thing that users will notice straight away with the Bullzip PDF Printer is that it is Freeware. This means that users can get hold of the software free of charge, but there will be some certain user limitations. Up to 10 users at a time can use the free, anymore than this and the group will need to purchase the commercial version of the Bullzip PDF Printer to gain full access to its features.




The download and installation process relating to the Bullzip PDF Printer is extremely simple. All users need to do is follow the simple steps that are listed in the Bullzip PDF Printer installation guide. First of all, users need to download the latest version of the software.

After the download is complete, users will need to run the ZIP file and setup the program alongside their computer system. Users will be notified when the setup is complete, a process that can usually take a few minutes. Once the setup is complete, users are ready to make the most of what Bullzip PDF Printer has to offer.

Ease of Use


When it comes to any kind of software, then ease of use is always going to be something that a lot of users focus on. Software development companies focus a lot on the quality of their software in terms of what it does, not exactly how easy it is to operate. Luckily, the developers of the Bullzip PDF Printer have ensured that it is extremely easy to operate. The user interface is extremely simple and almost all computer users, regardless of their technological knowledge, should have no problems operating it.

Features such as being able to quickly print a file to PDF using most Windows programmes certainly make like much easier. The compatibility of the software is also extremely simple, as it runs with operating systems like Windows 2000, XP, XP x64, Vista and Windows 7. This means that almost every popular operating system is catered for with the Bullzip PDF Printer software.


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