ChromePlus is basically the next step up from the so popular Google Chrome. Since its launch, Google Chrome has been intensely popular. Of course, it was only a matter of time before Google brought out something new; ChromePlus. The features that have been incorporated into ChromePlus are extremely technologically advanced in comparison to what Chrome used to have. Features that have been incorporated include such things as Super drag, IE tab, and even Mouse gesture. Of course, like Chrome, ChromePlus can be used simply to surf the internet as well.

The ChromePlus has some new and interesting features. Users can double click to close a page, use their mouse gestures, super drag, incorporate a IE tab, but also download tools in a context menu to customize their ChromePlus experience.

The installation process of ChromePlus

The installation process of ChromePlus is just as easy are Chrome was initially. Google tends to make sure that their software is some of the easiest to download and install on the planet and ChromePlus is certainly not any different. Users can get a free download version of the software and start using ChromePlus within a matter of minutes, getting used to everything that it has to offer them.

ChromePlus in use

One of the main things that Google was aiming for was to replicate but improve the user experience given with Chrome. The ChromePlus application has certainly surpassed most peoples expectations, offering a quick and easy way to browse the internet, with some clever little add ons to make the whole experience that much easier and more interesting.

Instead of finding the “X” button to close a page, ChromePlus has other ideas. Users simply need to double click the tab area on their screen and the page will automatically disappear. The Super drag feature will allow users to drag a link which means they can open new tabs quickly, pointing to exactly where they want to go.

The Mouse gesture was something a lot of people became quickly confused about. This in ChromePlus is when people use their mouse to save themselves time by navigating around the searches thanks to the mouse.

The IE tab is also something worth mentioning. Some webpages can only be run in IE, which is why this has been incorporated. That being said, users can use the Download tools support to get any add ons they need, such as Flash, if they are having a problem viewing a page.

Download ChromePlus from Brothersoft

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