Colibri is essentially a free application that users will save lots and lots of time with. This computer manager will integrate the graphical user interface that users see on their screen alongside the command line to ensure that the operation of their system runs as smoothly as possible. The features that have been incorporated into the software are all their to be time savers for the user and help to make this piece of software one of great functionality.

Colibris functions

One of the biggest functions that has been incorporated into the Colibri free time saving computer manager is the integrated search. What this allows users to do is to search the web using the Colibri tool. Alongside this, users can get some assistance when it comes to adding or removing some programs, which helps people to launch control panels, ones that are their choice and not from the operating system.

The amount of features that are incorporated into the Colibri free time saving computer manager can become completely overwhelming for a lot of people. The reality is that most people simply do not understand the technical aspects of working computers, which is where the Colibri freeware software can really come into its own to help. For example, the hot key can be customised to what ever the user wants, so they will never forget again!

Pros and Cons

The pros of the Colibri computer manager software are literally never ending. The personalised and customisable hot key allows people to feel like they are really in control of their computer, rather than computer controlling them. Of course, the biggest advantage of the software is that is easily downloadable from many places on the internet and is absolutely free.

Like the majority of other pieces of freeware software, the reality is that this piece of software does have some downfalls that could do with being rectified. For instance, when a user is looking to index files or directories on the Colibri freeware software, they will not be able to specify which files or directories they want to index.

Download Colibri

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