ComboFix is one of the pieces of software that almost all computers should have. What is strange is that even though this is a piece of freeware and costs nothing, there are still people that run their computers without it. Of course, one of the many reasons why people may not choose to have ComboFix on their computers is because it is distributed throughout the internet without any kind of warranty, which certainly does not fill a consumer with any confidence.

Essentially, ComboFix is meant for the private user rather than the business user, although it gets used by all kinds of people. The ComboFix software aims to find any infections and when they are found it will start the removal process; which ends with ComboFix restarting the system.


Installation of ComboFix

ComboFix is a fairly technologically advanced program, so the installation process may take slightly longer than the average program. That being said, the installation process itself is fairly simple and will only tend to last around 5 minutes. The ComboFix have included a guide of exactly how to install the program, to ensure that there are no mishaps during the time that the product is being installed.

ComboFix in use

First of all, ComboFix is extremely easy for everyone to use, simply because it is offered as freeware. This means that the developers of ComboFix do not ask for any form of payment from people that are currently using their software. Of course, the main problem with this is that no warranties are attached to the ComboFix software, so anything could go wrong with it at any time.

Combofix Scanning

Of course, ComboFix really does work. It works by finding infected files on a computer and then locating the actual infection. Once it has located the infection it will start the removal process, getting rid of the infection for good. Throughout the removal process, ComboFix will ensure that the computer is safe and will complete the removal process by rebooting the system to ensure the infection is gone for good.

Combofix Registry Backup

The great thing about ComboFix is that from the minute it is installed, users are helped along every step of the way. There is a wizard in the ComboFix program which gives people step by step instructions, explaining exactly how to remove any infections when they appear. Every month that goes by, new additions to the ComboFix are added, making it better and better by the day!

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