Comodo Internet Security is a security suite designed to protect your computer from malware. It includes a fully functioning firewall, a malware scanner — capable of removing viruses, trojans and adware — real time port monitoring, automatic updates and the ability to manage system processes.

Installation and Setup

For a security suite, Comodo is a relatively small install at around 125MB. Installation gives you several options about which programs you wish to install. It also asks if you want to join the Comodo community and if you’d like to submit your email address. Both are optional. A full scan is run during install.

Ease of Use

There are plenty of programs offering either free software firewalls or free virus scanners, but few that can combine themselves into a suite in the same style Internet Security can. The firewall is one of the best we’ve ever tried allowing full configuration, port stealthing, access to authorized programs and protection from buffer overflow attacks. If you’ve never used another firewall except the Windows default, you’ll be very pleased by how much more configurable and safer Internet Security can make sure system.


The virus checker isn’t quite as flawless and it does have a habit of reporting things that either aren’t threats or might be not totally defined as threats. For example during our test scan it picked up Gamespy Arcade, a game server program that while not known for having the best reputation can’t exactly be classed as a virus. You have to pay attention to what Internet Security finds during a scan, but otherwise it’s an incredibly capable scanner that can rival many full price security applications as well as other freeware competitors, like AVG.

Although it might not be as famous as its immediate competitors, Comodo is an excellent option for those that want instant protection with no price tag. It’s also lightweight, using up around half the system resources of Norton’s security suite.

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