Comodo System Cleaner is a cleanup utility that incorporates a registry cleaner, disk cleaner and privacy cleaner, allowing you to maintain all of the ‘deep’ parts of your system with ease.

Installation and Setup

System cleaner offers quick installation and offers both 32 and 64 bit varieties. It runs on all modern versions of Windows although it’s currently not compatible with Windows 7.

Ease of Use

Comodo System Cleaner allows you to run regular, quick maintenance on parts of your computer that would otherwise take a very long time. When a program deletes, it doesn’t always remove itself from the registry and over time all these broken links can add up, resulting in slower boot times for windows and a slower system overall. The registry system cleaner automatically finds lost and broken entries for you and cleans them from your system.


The program does this nearly automatically, there’s a handy button that allows you to access most of the programs most powerful features with one click, so you won’t have to spend ages in menus searching for the right settings. Once scanned, System Cleaner gives you the option of keeping or deleting files which it has found to be broken. If you think the program has made an error you can exempt that entry from being deleted, although it would take a lot of time to go through all the entries just to find ones that might still be working.

Our test system has recently had Windows XP installed and yet it came across of 300 broken registry links. Luckily it took no time at all to find and delete these files, with the whole process taking less than a minute.

Comodo System Cleaner is a great free utility for registry cleaning. It’s also a privacy cleaner – which cleans personal data from your computer – and disk cleaner, so it’s an excellent choice for regular system maintenance.

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