No, it’s not a drinking game but rather an attachment for Mozilla’s Firefox browser that adds some advanced capabilities that light downloaders will find useful and heavy downloaders will find an absolute necessity. We take a look at the features that make DownThemAll a very useful addition to an already powerful browser.


Installation and Setup

As a Firefox extension, very little has to be done to install DownThemAll. You can download and automatically install the software if you already use Firefox. If not, it’s a simple case of downloading the software and then double clicking on it once Firefox is installed to load it into the browser. There’s no drain on system resources using DownThemAll – at least no more than the usual amount of memory and CPU involved in downloading on the base Firefox browser.

Ease of Use

On the surface, DownThemAll doesn’t look much different to the Firefox default downloader – one of the better default downloaders of the browser world. Delving deeper into the program though you can find out just how useful it can be, especially when dealing with mass downloading of an entire website. You can set DTA to spider any site and begin to download the content you want with just a few clicks. You can even set filters to download only the type of content you are interested in, so if you want a lot of mp3s from a site but don’t want the pictures, DTA makes that easy to set up.

DownThemAll Add URL

You can also use multipart downloading to increase you speeds. Although the website claims it can increase speeds by up to 400% using this method your mileage may vary depending on the type of connection you have – the faster your connection the less benefit you’ll see from this. Still, it’s a nice feature to have and it’s especially useful for those still using dialup or ISDN connections to access the net.

DTA makes enough additions to the original Firefox downloader to make it more than worth the few seconds it takes to install. Once you’ve properly configured the extension it can seamlessly take over from the default browser and give you many more features besides.

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