We’ve had it engrained into our minds for some time that backing up our files is very important. Many of us have had to learn the hard way when we’ve lost an important file or sentimental photo collection to the whims of technology. But while there are plenty of backup programs around, few of them focus on backing up your more important system information. We take a look at why it’s worth backing up your drivers as well as your documents.


Installation and Setup

Annoyingly, DriverBackup is only available as a compressed file without setup. This means that setup is nearly instant but you’ll have to decide where you want to place the file manually. You will also need to create all of your own shortcuts and desktop icons – a rather strange decision even for a freeware program. The program takes up around 2MB of space and uses about 10 MB of ram when idle.

Ease of Use

DriverBackup does exactly what it says on the tin. After an initial scan of your system which should take less than a minute, the program displays all the drivers you’ve installed. You can then choose which ones you want to backup. The program has useful filters that make separating all your OEM drivers from your third party ones very quick and easy. This is great news because generally OEM drivers are easy to sort out. Third party drivers are the ones that normally come on disks with hardware like printers, scanners and display adapters and can harder to replace.

driverbackup_pic1 The time it takes to backup will vary on your system, but we backed up around 15 third party drivers in around 30 seconds. The space used for the backup file is totally minimal, and the program can restore drivers based on this file equally quickly. Overall, DriverBackup is a useful – if not essential – tool for computer users. You can get drivers back far easier than you can personal data, but it does take time and effort – things that can be solved by occasionally backing up the most important ones using this program.

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  1. MikeB

    Heck, yeah! You’ve won some software a potential new user. I absolutely despise software that forces users through an unneeded installer that does little more than litter the system with files. If it doesn’t need to be installed to work, why force an installer? By all means, include one if you want, but don’t force it!

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