Peer-to-peer programs have made file sharing a breeze and right now one of the biggest and most robust one of them is eMule. It uses two networks – eDonkey and Kad, and doesn’t have one single centralized server, but connects to thousands of clients nodes, which makes eMule reliable and fast. It comes with reward system, which encourages uploading, handles well corrupted downloads and transmits the files in compressed format, which further increases its file-sharing speed. Since eMule is an open source project it comes in quite a few different flavors, called mods – this allows many developers to contribute to the improvement of the program and incorporate great features into the different mods.


The installation file is 3,274KB and once launched the Wizard will guide you through the installation process. When prompted to choose components leave the Take Ed2k-links option checked if you don’t have another eDonkey protocol file-sharing program installed; configure how you want the program to be shared amongst the other users (pay special attention to that screen if you are running Windows Vista) and finish the installation.

When you run the program for a first time, a Set-up wizard will help you configure the program; simply choose a username and you can leave the rest of the default options intact.

Ease of use

Even if you have never dealt with any file-sharing programs before, you can start using eMule right away – click the Connect button, wait a few seconds and you are ready to search for that hard to find file. And since millions of users are connected to each one of the networks at all times, you are likely to find anything that you search for; the most popular files will be shared by more online users, which will make their download faster, but eMule can help you find even rare gems. You can refine your search by file type, size, network, server, and extension.

Once you have examined the search results, right-click on the file of your choice if you want to download it. When you click the transfers’ button, you will see the files that you are currently uploading and downloading – again, right click on any of them for more options – you can pause, stop, resume and cancel any of the downloads, assign priorities, leave comments, examine the file’s details, etc. With the latest version you can choose to share a single file instead of whole directories, leave messages, and connect to IRC; there is also an automatic corrupt file’s recovery, statistics and new security features.

eMule is a freeware and works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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