Software development has pushed the limits of personal computing to its full potential. A lot of software applications, utilities, and even games are available for us to utilize for our enjoyment. Usually programs that we install in our personal computers need to have iterations or updates for it to perform optimally.

Software developers release patches or sometimes executable files that will automatically update a particular application. These updates are necessary to fix bugs that are found in the course of its usage. It might be that a new feature is being added to the existing program that will make it more compatible to the present operating system. Some of these programs have an auto- update feature built in to them. This usually will prompt the user to download a particular patch or batch file to start the application update. But most of the time this software does not have an auto-update feature built into it.

What happens is that you need to manually go into individual software website and manage the update yourself. But this manual exercise is very tedious, time consuming and is prone to errors. This is where the FileHippo Update tracker comes in. This is a very small utility program (about a 100KB) that will do the upgrade for you automatically and instantly.

Upon installing the FileHippo Update Tracker, it will scan your PC for files that are being used and those that might have been installed but is not used that often. When the scan is finished it will show you the list of programs that you have in your file directories. It will also show you the installed programs and then compare it with the version they have on This scan will be very quick and will usually last a couple of seconds (depends on the specification of the CPU you are using). It will present this in a tabular and user friendly interface and even displays the Beta update that was done with selected programs.

Also big download radio buttons are present for you to select which programs you will want to update first. This could be done individually or simultaneously depending on your preference. The downloading times will also be dependent on the size and the number of files you are updating. The only real problem is if doesn’t have the necessary update files for your programs. But with the way things are running has its work cut out, they are increasing their software data base on a regular basis. Update Checker is 100% Free
The best thing about all this is that FileHippo Update Tracker is absolutely free. You just need to download it on; you don’t need that much time either because it will download for only about 3 seconds. Also has a privacy policy that states that it is not downloading any personal information from your computer. It just only gathers software versions and other information necessary for it to update your files.

It is currently available for Windows 98, ME, 200, 2003, and XP.

Go to to download the Update Checker


  1. Reg Hadley

    I keep getting the message that there is an update for Adaware that is newer than the one I have. The problem is that I do not have ANY version of Adaware installed! I have searched my registry for any reference to Adaware and have found none.
    Other than that little problem I have found Update Checker to be a great little program.

  2. Torgils

    When I push the update button, it doesn’t only update the program I already have, but downloads the whole program all over again. To me that it is not an update program, if I have to install the whole program all over again for every new update there is. Am I doing something wrong?! If I do the update from the program itself, this of course doesn’t happen. I don’t get why Filehippo is this way. Can somebody please explain?

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