FileZilla Server is an FTP server program. If you don’t know what an FTP server program is, it’s a utility that lets you use your computer as a file server, allowing other people to connect to you and download your files. If you do know what one is, than you owe it to yourself to take a look at FileZilla server, one of the best programs around for setting up and maintaining an FTP server.


Installation and Setup

FileZilla Server is available as a separate download to the excellent client program. FileZilla Server installs to around 10MB the amount of system resources the program uses will depend on how many people are using the server. However, even if you expect a huge amount of downloaders, it’s your hard drive and system that will need help before FileZilla does. Initial setup will range from easy to complex depending on your requirements for the server.

Ease of Use

The smartest way to describe FileZilla server? It offers you almost every single feature of professional server programs but without the high cost. It’s not simply a case of setting up your IP address and pressing go. You can enable or disable just about every feature imaginable, from MODE-Z compression to SSL connections to keep your server private. You can install the program directly as a windows service so once you’ve sorted out your settings and needs, you can let the program get on with providing an FTP server for your users.


Perhaps the only weak point of FileZilla Server is the lack of any sort of documentation. The interface and menus are clear enough, but if you’re new to setting up an FTP, FileZilla may not be the best program to begin with.

For everyone else, it’s a very powerful and flexible program and just about the best choice around for hassle free FTP creation.

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