Something that is being talked about more and more online is Firebug. This is a new and unique tool that is essential for web development. The Firebug tool integrates with Firefox in order to allow users to have a huge amount of web development tools at their disposal. This means that users can now do a number of things, including editing and debugging, as well as things such as monitoring CSS, HTML and even Javascript on any live web page. The process for using the tool is quick, simple and therefore; painless!


Firebug is an extremely popular add-on. As an add-on, the installation process is a lot simpler than many pieces of full on software. Following the on screen instructions, users can get started with Firebug within a matter of minutes. Once installed, the Firebug tool needs to be logged into, then users can ensure that they segregate windows by opening it up separately, ensuring users have maximum control at all times.

Ease of Use

New tools and pieces of software are being released on what seems a daily basis. Some of these tools work exceptionally well and this can certainly be said for Firebug. The developers of Firebug have certainly taken a lot of care into ensuring that users have everything they need all under one roof. This is an essential tool for anyone wanting to use Firefox with their web development projects.

A great feature of Firebug is that it can be customized to suit each individual. A lot of user interfaces can be confusing for users. The Firebug user interface ensures that users can adjust everything to be in the order they want it, so finding a feature or function takes a matter of seconds, rather than minutes.

If that is not enough, the Firebug tool incorporates a search feature. Users that are struggling to find a particular feature or function can instantly find what they are looking for by using the search feature.

By using this search feature, users will be able to find things such as the JavaScript debugger, which will allow them a lot of power. Alongside this, users can also inspect and edit HTML functions whenever they wish.

Firebug is a must when it comes to web development. It allows users to quickly access features that are important, whether that be directly from the user interface, or using the search function.

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