Firefox is a free web browser offered by Mozilla. It’s an open source software that was derived from the Mozilla Application Suite. The newest Firefox application is Version 3 and offers much more security, speed, and features than you will ever find in Internet Explorer, which is why it’s one of the most preferred browsers of webmasters and web developers.

It moves at lightning speed thanks to Gecko 1.9, unlike previous versions of Firefox. According to W3Schools, Firefox accounted for over the browser of choice for over ½ of Internet users. Why so much preference toward Firefox?

The new location bar

The new location bar (the URL address bar) is smart. Type in part of what you’re looking for and it’ll probably come up with the right website. This is especially true if you have visited it before or frequently do so. It even checks your bookmarks and history to see what you may be looking for. Essentially, you can search right from the location bar.

Firefox default

Password manager

Firefox 3 comes with your own, built-in password manager. This is a plus, because now you don’t have to keep downloading password managers if you have a lot of passwords to remember. We think that’s a pretty nifty deal. Of course, if you don’t want it to remember a login you can tell it not to. It’s entirely up to you.

Smart bookmarks

Do you frequently visit a handful of the same sites over and over? Smart bookmarks make it a snap to go directly to those sites, as well as an option to open them all at once. So, if you have to visit four websites daily for work, you can instantly open them up. There’s a little button on the favorites bar where you can access these bookmarks. It either shows most visited sites or bookmarks you’ve recently added.

Download Firefox

Firefox can be downloaded at Mozillas official download site.

Or if you want, you could download the portable version of Firefox and put it on a memory stick.

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