Download accelerators used to be all the rage back in the days of dialup, especially as many of them introduced features that browsers at the time simply couldn’t do, such as split part downloading and pausing of live downloads. Now the browser market has done some catching up and most people have good broadband connections, are download accelerators a thing of the past? Not if FlashGet has anything to say about it.


Installation and Setup

FlashGet takes up around 8MB of hard drive space by itself, and uses around 3MB of ram when idle. This can rise to around 25MB-35MB when in use. We were genuinely surprised how efficient the program was, maintaining a good level of system use even when download speeds reached beyond 50 Mbps.

Ease of Use

FlashGet’s main purpose is to help you download files, large or small. It does this is two major ways. Firstly, it provides a stable queue and pause/resume system to make mass downloading easier. Secondly, it splits files into multiple parts to increase your potential download speed.

How much faster FlashGet will make your downloads will vary depending on the speed of your connection. We tested FlashGet on a 100 Mpbs net connection and noticed very little difference in speed. However, on our 1 Mbps mobile connection speeds improved by around 40% which a massive increase.


FlashGet doesn’t just support web downloads, it’s also great for FTP and other popular protocols such as Bittorrent, so you can use it as a client for just about any sort of downloading rather than having to switch between several.

The interface of FlashGet is good, and it does its best to add some visual prompts to the process of downloading. The program also runs as a small, opaque box that links can be dragged into. This is set to always be on top of other Windows by default, although you disable or edit this if you wish.

Overall, FlashGet is a crucial download for people on slower connections and a useful one for everyone else. We recommend that everyone at least gives the program a try to see if they can see a speed increase on their connection.

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