Once upon a time, people were perfectly happy to install hard drives with a maximum capacity of less than 1 GB. Nowadays with operating systems alone taking up five times that, we’ve increased the standard size of a hard drive to over over 100 GB, with many computer users having between 500 GB – 1 TB of space. With all that extra capcity, our files are getting harder and harder to organise and keep track of. FlexTk aims to make file management easy with its range of tools designed to quickly maintain even the biggest file systems.


Installation and Setup

FlexTk installs without options and takes up around 10 MB of space on the drive. Initial setup is nearly nonexistent and it requires no initial drive scanning. The program runs at a tiny 7 MB while idle. A single task performed by the program will use quite a small amount of CPU load, so running multiple tasks as at once is quite easy. You can run up to 3 tasks at once with the Express version.

Ease of Use

FlexTk offers a variety of simple tools that allow you to better maintain your file system in just a few clicks. It’s lightweight and provides a very clean and professional interface with plenty of different settings aimed to towards a wide variety of computer users.


We tested one of the most useful options – duplicate file checking – on our test system. Scanning a very full 500 GB hard drive took nearly 30 minutes, but the program did save over 8GB of duplicated files so it was well worth the wait. During scanning there was no noticeable slowdown amongst any other programs.

A futher test on Disk Cleanup took about 30 seconds and save over 1 GB of space (see above).

FlexTk offers a variety of other options involving file classification, storage analysis, secure data wiping and more. Amongst disk management programs it’s one of the best, but if you’ve got a hard drive larger than 500 GB, beware – the free version has a 250,000 limit on files. This could mean you won’t be able to scan your entire drive.

Differences Between Free and Professional

The professional version removes the 250,000 file limit of the Express version and deals with drives of up to 10 Terabytes, which should be enough for most users. FlexTk Professionals costs $50 with a 30 day free trial.

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