If you are looking for a way to speed-up your computer without adding any new hardware, removing the unwanted fonts should be one of the few steps that you may want to try – each installed program might add new fonts to your system and inevitably slowing it down. Finding and removing these fonts one by one is a tedious task and this is where FontFrenzy comes into the picture – it will show you all the fonts, currently installed on your machine, and help you safely remove and backup the ones that have been installed after your original Windows installation – this results in faster boot-up and better general performance of your computer.


The installation file is only 480KB and the process extremely simple – just agree to the terms, press the next button, and you are done.

Ease of use

When you run FontFrenzy for a first time, you will see all the fonts that have been installed on your computer in the right pane of the program’s window – you can change the displayed font size by clicking on the drop-down menu in the right bottom of the program and change the displayed phrase by typing it in the left bottom corner.

Double-clicking on the font will bring up the font window and you can see all the characters that are supported by that particular font.

Although the interface is simple and intuitive, you might have to read the help file until you get used to the program: clicking on the DeFrenzy button will help you remove all fonts that have been added after the original installation of your operating system, FrenzySnap works much like creating a restore point for your fonts – you can use this feature if you want the program to remember the fonts installed before you remove some of them, and later on by using the ReFrenzy function you can bring your system to the point when the snap was taken. The FrenzyMan function works much like a font installation and removing wizard and makes any of these processes easy; it can also help you view the installed fonts in selected folder and subfolders.

The program doesn’t need any configuration at all – in fact, the only options that can be changed are the folders, where the removed fonts, the snaps and the logs are stored. FontFrenzy supports shortcuts and has a well-written help file; support is also offered by email and the author can be contacted by visiting his web site.

FontFrenzy is a freeware and works in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

[ Download FontFrenzy here ]

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