Foobar 2000 is an oddly named freeware music player that’s built on the philosophy of being simple but highly configurable, lightweight but powerful. If you’re fed up with the memory usage of popular players like iTunes and MediaMonkey, Foobar is a great alternative – not only does it sound great when playing music, it offers a huge level of customisation. Take a look at our full review.


Installation and Setup

Foobar typically uses around 5-15MB of ram, about half that of most modern media players and a quarter of that used by bigger players like iTunes and Windows Media Player. The program uses up about 7 MB of hard drive space. Setup can get quite complicated although the program can play most popular forms of music straight away simply by dragging in files and folders.

Ease of Use

Foobar has been gaining in popularity for a while now, especially amongst audio enthusiasts and hardcore music lovers. It’s ability to effortlessly manage a playlist of just about any size without stressing out your system resources is very welcome in a world where most music playing software has so many features tagged on they completely forget the original point – playing high quality music and organising collections.

Foobar might look like it has a boring and ugly interface, especially when you first start up and are met with a blank white screen and bland interface. Don’t let that fool you though, the program can look however you want, but it’s waiting for you to customise it (or at the very least, import someone else’s customisation).


This is a bit of a theme for Foobar – it’ll give you just about any feature you want and you can do anything you need, but you will have to work for it. Unlike most modern software there’s no hand holding at all – if you want to mess around with the programs more advanced features, you’ll need to do your homework first.

The research pays off tenfold though. Once you get over the fact Foobar isn’t the world’s most user friendly application, you’ll quickly find out just how in-depth and useful it can be. If you’ve got a large music collection and want something truly unique and well designed to play it on, Foobar is a great option.

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