Format Factory is a free media files converter that allows you to easily convert your video, audio and image files to and from the most popular file formats. It also repairs damaged media files, reduces their size and supports file formats that are used by portable devices such as iPhone, iPod, PSP and BlackBerry. Format Factory also comes with a DVD ripper and has been translated to 50 different languages.


The installation file is 24 480KB ZIP archive. Keep in mind that if the default options are left unchecked the installation wizard will change your browser search provider to, it will install the toolbar, and will create an eBay shortcut icon on your desktop, but you can deselect these options if you wish.

Ease of use

Once installed, the application does not require any special configuration. However, the interface is far from user-friendly: if you are searching for a File menu there’s none – the only two ways to navigate to the source file is to drag and drop it or click on one of the buttons on the left side of the application. After you do the latter, you can open the file that you wish to convert, change many of the output settings such as video stream, audio stream, add watermarks, additional subtitles and other options when you work with video files and configure the bitrate, number of audio channels, sample rate, and volume control when working with audio files.

Once the conversion starts you can pause or stop it at any time and the Format Factory’s speed is pretty impressive. Converting an image from one format to another takes a second and audio and video files conversion is much faster than when using similar tools.

The application is highly configurable and can run minimized to the system tray, can notify you when certain task has been completed, let’s you change the subtitle font, allows you to install different codecs and has other advanced configurable options.

Format Factory is a freeware and works on Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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  1. CPR

    Not sure when it started but, for me, the installer installed the Toolbar and reset my Home page and default search provider in every browser without any type of prompt or option to opt out. I have experienced this behavior on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Apparently the completion page isn’t displaying. Whether by design or by accident, this is a major breach of trust and I would avoid patronizing this software package and the company that provides it. Who knows what else they might be doing to our system under the covers…

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