Free Commander is a dual screen windows explorer substitute. It shares many features of explorer while allowing you to view two windows at once for easy file management, as well as adding its own unique set of features.

Installation and Setup

Free Commander is a totally free program with no additional advertisements to install. The full program takes up only 5MB of space. On our test system Free Commander took up 80MB of space while transferring files, and around 20MB while idle which is around average when compared to similar programs.

Ease of Use

Free Commander isn’t the only program in the world that allows dual panel browsing, but it’s left and right access panels are just as good as any other. Being able to instantly access two windows makes certain file management tasks both quicker and easier. Tabs along the top allow quick access to hard drives and user defined folders; all the things it takes a default Windows setup several clicks to achieve.


Other built in tools are designed to make your life easier, and while there are applications that can already manage these tasks, having them all in one interface is incredibly useful. File Commander features built in compression that can deal with a wide variety of files, although it can only repack to a zip or cab file. There’s also a built in file splitter and media interface.

Having a powerful set of tools all running in one program can save a lot of time. Add in other small features like access to the command line, run command an excellent list of keyboard shortcuts only makes Free Commander more impressive.

Differences between Free and Professional

There are plenty of dual screen file managers around for about $30, but many of them have similar features of Free Commander, which has no limitations on features, so it’s hard to justify the price!

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