A while ago we reviewed Spotify, a great music streamer with one feature missing – the ability to download music to your own system on the go. FreeMP3Get solves this problem, downloading songs from YouTube which you can then store on your home computer. We take a look at how the program works and whether or not it’s worth the download.


Installation and Setup

FreeMP3Get uses only a few megs of RAM even when you’ve got a lot of songs queued to download. It also installs to a tiny amount of space, so system resources shouldn’t be an issue. The program lives up to its free name with no registration or nag screens throughout installation and use.

Ease of Use

What FreeMP3Get doesn’t specify on its website is that it’s search engine is really just a front-end for video sharing site, YouTube. All of the songs listed on the program are in fact full YouTube videos which the program then rips the audio from. There are a couple of problems with this that you’ll need to be aware of when using the program. Firstly, the quality of downloaded tracks isn’t superb due to the quality of audio on YouTube and secondly, you could easily end up downloading something that isn’t a music track or has someone talking over the track as you’ll find in many YouTube videos.
If you can find the right video that has  decent copy of a track however, the software offers quick and easy download to your computer which is great news if you want to download a couple of tracks quickly and transfer them to your MP3 player before going out. Because the program uses YouTube the potential amount of music available for download is huge, totaling millions of tracks.

The site for the program describes it as ‘100% legal’ although considering YouTube themselves are struggling to delete copyrighted music from their service every day, we’re not so sure. The program itself is legal though and it’s up to the user how they choose to use it. There are hundreds of thousands of totally un-copyrighted music tracks available on YouTube and through the program.

If you need to grab some music from the net quickly and want to do it with no costs involved at all, FreeMP3Get may be the solution.

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