FreeOCR is something that has only become popular over the last few months. This piece of software is something that is a free scan program, but also a free OCR program, hence the name! The great thing about this product is that it gives an extremely accurate scan of OCR PDF files.

FreeOCR is a program that supports security in all different manners including Tesseract GUI something that was created by windows. It supports the likes of Adobe PDF and other documents such as faxes and emails etc. With each new version that is released, more updates make this program even more capable and with capabilities comes extra popularity as well.

Installation process of FreeOCR

The installation process related to FreeOCR seems fairly complicated at first. The way the installations screens are laid out may initially confuse some people but fear not, the installation for FreeOCR is actually quite simple. Read the instructions that come up on the screen after making a free download and the whole process should take around 10 minutes start right through to the finish.

FreeOCR in use

The FreeOCR works in conjunction with the Tesseract OCR PDF engine. This is something that was created on an open source basis and was produced by Google between 1985 and 1995. It has immense accuracy and has been regarded as one of the great engines.

Of course, over time the FreeOCR product has changed a great deal, with more and more developers trying to get answers as to why some features are not incorporated and trying to put their own spin on FreeOCR. None of the changes are the cause of any concern, but they certainly help FreeOCR to run much smoother and make it function much better than it ever used to.

One of the major changes recently meant that many of the minor bugs were fixed thanks to some alterations in the coding. Another great thing that was introduced was the feature that allowed users to actually OCR and open files that had already been scanned, something that was not able to be done previously.

That and hundreds of other features have been developed over the years. Scans can actually be cropped before the OCR takes place, which means they are likely to run much faster. In fact, images from documents that have been scanned can be selected and then put into the clipboard for future use, which is a useful feature.

Download FreeOCR from Brothersoft

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