Gladinet Cloud Desktop is a Windows utility, which allows you to mount your cloud storages as local folders. This permits you to access all your files and images, stored on your FTP servers, Google Picasa albums, Google Docs and Amazon S3 folders,, Windows Live Sky drive and other online storages with a single mouse click from within the Windows Explorer.

Gladinet Cloud drive

Gladinet Cloud Desktop also lets you access all your Google applications such as Google mail, Google talk, Picasa and the Google calendar with a single sign-on.

Using the integrated Task Manager, you can set up automatic back-ups for some of your files or folders to numerous online storages; you can also back-up files and folders from one storage cloud to another.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop also lets you access cloud applications and use them as if they were running on your own machine – you can now use Google Docs to edit not only your web-based, but your local presentations, spreadsheets, and documents as well.

Once the Gladinet Cloud Desktop is running on your desktop, right clicking on its systray icon will give you quick access to the Gladinet drive, which is mounted as a local drive, or let you perform the most common tasks such as mounting Cloud Storage, accessing the Virtual Directory Manager, changing the application settings or using some of the tools such as the Quick Launch Pad and the Audit Trace Viewer.

Gladinet Cloud drive

Gladinet Cloud wizard

The latest version, Gladinet Cloud Desktop v1.3, comes with an Online Service that allows you to store your encrypted profiles and share them with other computers running the application; this way you can access all cloud services and virtual directories from your office, your home computer, or any other PC running Gladinet Cloud Desktop.
Sharing files and folders, stored on your hard-drive or any online storage, with your friends is pretty straightforward – send an email to your friends and they will have instant and secure access to all your files.

The program runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003/2008 and comes in a 32 and 64 bit version.

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