GoodSync is a backup/synchronisation package that allows you to keep up to date backups of any files you choose with just a few buttons. The program has been around for many years now and with each release it gains more and more features. We take a look at the latest version to see exactly what GoodSync is capable of.


Installation and Setup

GoodSync installs to around 7MB and like most good synchronisation programs, it doesn’t use up many resources. Even when backing up files you won’t notice much change in your system compared to manually copying the files yourself using internet explorer. The program only uses around 5MB when idle which means leaving it on all the time isn’t a problem.

Ease of Use

GoodSync lets you choose exactly how you want to do your synchronisation. You can synch one way or both, schedule jobs and sync deletions – just about everything you need from from a decent syncing program.


In terms of design, GoodSync is one of the best looking syncing programs out there. Dealing with large amounts of files is often difficult and not easy on the eyes, but GoodSync does its best to provide users with a very visual interface. Tool tips and balloons help point the user to exactly the right area and it’s the kind of program you can pick up and use without reading instructions – you can’t say that about too many GoodSync’s peers.

It would have been nice to see less restrictive use on the free version of the program, which drops to three, 100 file jobs once thirty days is over, but at least the program remains functional and useful for small backup needs.

Differences between Free and Professional

The main difference of the $29.95 professional version of the software is the capacity for unlimited jobs. You can get a second licence for $9.95 if you have more than one system you would like to use it on. The professional version is required for commercial use.


  1. David Stein

    I have used GoodSync on and off for several years. My final conclusion is:

    GoodSync is garbage.

    Typically, my GoodSync experience goes like this:

    * I find that I have a sync task.

    * I install the latest version of GoodSync, hoping that it has improved since my last attempt.

    * I encounter a bunch of intermittent errors.

    * I submit tickets through GoodSync’s help system, and I receive prompt-but-generic-and-totally-unhelpful feedback.

    * I delete GoodSync and resort to another solution.

    Why do I keep going back to it? Because I paid for it, and I cling to the hope that they will eventually fix their software to the point where it’s *minimally* effective. No dice. It remains as much garbage as it was when I purchased it.

    Just some of the errors I’ve encountered:

    * Locks up while attempting to sync to a folder. Just becomes totally unresponsive. The process needs to be killed, and often the machine rebooted, to recover from the lockup.

    * “Undefined Error: 0.” Constantly. This is GoodSync’s version of “An error occurred.” Could be a million reasons. Don’t bother emailing GoodSync customer support – they don’t know and won’t help you.

    * Sync jobs just fail, spontaneously, mid-sync. The sync is running perfectly, the volumes are both still available… aaaaaaaand it abruptly stops.

    * The network browser is overdesigned and overcomplicated. All you want do is to specify a URL, a username, and a password. Sometimes it accepts the settings. Sometimes it doesn’t, it just uses the old settings, and then barfs out random error messages.

    I give up. They are never going to upgrade this software to minimal usability or competence. I have scoured all of my computer systems of this bloated trashware and deleted my registration information.

    Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t waste your time, and don’t give this developer money. You will regret every dime and every moment you spend on this garbage software.

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