If you want to find any files or emails on your hard drive, search the Web, add an extra level of security to your computer and get a number of free gadgets such as Calendar, Google Docs, Youtube and Gmail, News, Weather, then you would love Google Desktop. It brings you a lot of useful little applications, it is extremely easy to use, surprisingly lightweight and not to mention free.


The setup file is tiny – 1 968 KB and the installation is quite easy – you can add or leave out some of the options and in less than a minute you will have Google Desktop running on your computer.

Ease of use

Once installed, Google Desktop appears as a side bar on the right hand side of your desktop, but you can dock it to the left as well, or switch its appearance to deskbar or floating deskbar. Right clicking on the sidebar gives you access to all the operations that you might wish to perform as well as the options that you might want to change.

The interface is pretty easy to use – you can search Google right from the sidebar – simply type in the search phrase and press Enter and this will open your default browser with your Google search. You can also add or remove gadgets, configure some of them, turn notifications on or off, write notes that will be automatically saved, etc.

Right clicking on the sidebar and selecting Add gadgets opens a new window with various recommended or Google created gadgets as well as gadgets in different categories such as News, Sports, Technology, Finance and other groups of interest. If you want to use your entire desktop you can minimize the sidebar with a simple click and then bring it back up by right-clicking on the Google Desktop systray icon and selecting the Sidebar option. Google Desktop allows you to change and save your search preferences, your Google account features, and the display options.

Google Desktop is a freeware and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

[ Download Google Desktop now ]

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