Picasa is a photo viewer and editor that also includes seamless integration with Google’s online album service. The end result is a program that you can use to take your pictures from your camera, make adjustments and upload to the web with just a few clicks.

Installation and Setup

Picasa is a totally free program. There’s no serial key required, although the program does have a few requests, including changing your default search engine to Google in Internet Explorer and sending ‘usage statistics’ to Google. Both of these options are ticked during installation, but they are optional so watch out for them towards the end of the process.The program takes up around 50MB, fully installed. It integrates itself fully within Windows and you can customize which file types Picasa will deal with.

Ease of Use

Picasa is an excellent tool for those people who want more out of Windows Photo Editor but don’t require the massive amount of features found in paid software like Adobe Photohop. Its geared toward quickly correcting problems with personal photos, such as redeye, brightness and contrast.


Picasa’s main unique features all focus on the idea of web integration. It’s not surprising that a company like Google has moved the software in this direction. You can very quickly upload your photos en masse to your picasa web folder,or blogger. Obviously, it’s fairly google centric, but that means that anyone with a Google account doesn’t need to go through the process of signing up to a separate photo site in order to manage all their images – you can simply use your Google login.

Picasa looks modern and uses some attractive, vista style blending in its menus. It also beats Windows own photo editor in terms of speed, easily handling basic editing tasks on 12 Megapixel photos.

If you regularly take photos and want to cut down some of the time you spend getting them from your memory card to the Internet, Picasa is a great option.

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