Designed for people who already know what they are talking about when it comes to the world of memory bandwidth and shader cores, GPU-Z is a tool for quickly finding out information about your computers graphic card. If you’re used to overclocking, its in-depth information and real time monitoring of your GPU could be very useful.


Installation and Setup

GPU-Z doesn’t have a setup file. Like most of the extreme lightweight freeware programs around, you can simply run it from the EXE. The file itself takes up about half of 1MB and the program runs using about 5MB of ram. GPU-Z is one program you don’t have to worry about taking up any of your systems resources.

Ease of Use

The website for GPU-Z believes that program is so simple to use, you don’t need documentation. Well, it’s simple to use – if you already know what you are talking about. Of course, people who don’t know what the information GPU-Z displays means would probably never need to use the program in the first place, but if you’re a gamer who has an interest in graphics but no technical knowledge, GPU-Z can be a little bit of information overload.

The interface is well designed and does a good job displaying the technical information in a readable form. The sensor screen is of particular use: We tested GPU-Z with an old 8500GT Sapphire card and a mid-range GTX260, and both cards displayed information although the 8500GT’s fan speed did not display. The GTX260 sensors were fully functional, however.


The program can log your sensor information to a file and provide background monitoring for your card. The information it presents is useful for diagnosing any overclocking you might do, although the program lacks features to ‘stress test’ a card or the ability to overclock itself, so you’ll need more than just GPU-Z if you plan on doing any modification.

Still, the program is good for getting basic information and stats on your card, and considering there’s only a 10 second wait from clicking download to running the program, we can hardly fault it.

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