Mouserate Switcher is a program that lets you change your USB polling rate. The default rate is 125mhz, this means it takes 8ms until mouse reacts. With Mouserate Switcher you can change the polling rate up to 1000mhz (1ms), but remember that you will need a mouse that supports the given poling rate, to achieve this Mouserate Switcher patches the default usbport.sys. This article does also include a nice little utility to check the pulling rate.

To speed up the pulling rate you will have to follow these three simple steps:

USB Mouserate Switcher

  1. Run this utility with admin rights (It’s recommended to restart into Safe Mode)
  2. Run Mouserate Switcher and follow the on screen instructions
  3. Restart Windows and you’re done!

Download Mouserate Switcher

I do not take any responsibility for what this program do with your computer. If you have a USB headset or similar you should not use this tool. Same thing with scanners and printers. But it’s worth a try! Maybe you are lucky and it will work. You can always restore the usbport.sys file with this program. Its good to have a PS/2 in case your USB mouse doesn’t work after running this tool


I have attached a little program called Mouse Rate Checker 1.1b. It measures and displays the sample rate of a computer mouse. This is shown in Hz, how often the mouse sends information to the computer per second. The standard rate of a PS/2 40Hz/60Hz, a USB mouse 125Hz.

Download Mouse Rate Checker 1.1b

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