There are few things in the computer world that have become quite as convoluted as burning a DVD image. While most people have since become used to burning quick audio CDs or ripping their favourite music, getting a data CD to burn correctly is much harder work. There are so many different formats created by various programs that just trying to figure out what program you’re supposed to use requires some quality time with Google. That is, unless you have ImgBurn, a CD burning program that can handle just about anything you throw at it.


Installation and Setup

ImgBurn installs within a matter of seconds and asks for no personal information. System resources, – especially CPU load – are quite high when burning, which is expected. Idle resource usage is minimal however, maxing out at around 20 MB. The program takes up only 2MB of space.

Ease of Use

ImgBurn is unique amongst burning software in that it really doesn’t care what format you use. Just like Photoshop will open files from just about any other application or in any format, ImgBurn will deal with most things you can throw at it. BIN, GI, DVD, IMG, ISO MDS, PDI and NRG files are all covered by the program.

If you’re not just burning a simple DVD or CD image, you can also use ImgBurn to create DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs using their respective folders, which is great if you want to quickly backup your DVDs. Other tools can do this, but few are free and even fewer aren’t bloated or overcomplicated.


ImgBurn is simple in its UI but in-depth in its configuration. All of the everyday tasks like choosing an ISO, verifying, speeds and tests are all easily available, alongside any information about the file and your disc you wish to use. However, a quick trip into the programs settings reveals just about every configuration option imaginable for burning and ripping images.

With simple, intuitive burning available within a few clicks and powerful features like burn queues and layer break selection, ImgBurn is a great tool for just about anyone who has ever owned a writeable drive.

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