To call Jahshaka an editing program is a little unfair, as that will conjure up images of perhaps Adobe Premiere or GarageBand when in reality, the program couldn’t be more different. Jahshaka does it’s editing in real time and works without any of the normal complications involved with high-end media editing. It also leans towards multi user projects that can be edited together and shared instantly over the net. Impressively, it’s all also completely open source.


Installation and Setup

Jahshaka installs along with its Jahplayer media player – both together they take up around 35MB which is tiny for an editing program with as many features as Jahshaka. Initial setup involves configuring files and setting the format of whatever you want editing. This can be as an in-depth as you like.

Ease of Use

Jahshaka is a cross platform program, and the easiest visual evidence of this can be found in its user interface, which is neither OS X nor Windows like in its layout. Indeed, even if you’re used to video editing on a regular basis it does take time to understand the logic of Jahshaka’s system. Once you’ve got it figured out though, it can be difficult to go back.


Jahshaka makes a healthy use of what you have available for your system and most of the intensive tasks are done using openGL, so the faster your graphics card the better performance you’ll see. However, a good CPU can help to pick up the slack. Basic animation didn’t tax our test system even when we added some of the more interest effects.

The major drawback of Jahshaka is that despite its potential, it’s still reasonably unstable. During our usage there were a couple of crashes and more than a few unexpected slowdowns.
Still, Jahshaka is being updated very often and we’re sure to see more stable releases in the future. It’s clear even now that Jahshaka has the potential to provide revolutionary editing software for free, opening up amateur movie making to a whole new audience and it’s totally free, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go.

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