Luckily for all of us in the past few years we have witnessed the launch of quite a few new browsers – browsers that are faster, better, and easier to use than their predecessors. And even though some computer users are looking for the browser with the most add-ons, whistles and bells, if you are searching for a lightweight, super-fast browser, then K-Meleon should be on the top of your list. Freeware (open source), released under the GNU General Public License and based on the Mozilla rendering engine, K-Meleon is easy to use, highly customizable and lightning-fast.

Installation and Setup

Installation is pretty straightforward, takes less than a minute (depending on your computer specifications of course), and once installed most users will find the interface familiar and easy to use. The browser is highly customizable: you can choose which toolbars to display and which ones to remain hidden; you can also change the appearance, page display, browsing, and privacy and security options. There are other customizable settings, which appeal to the more advanced users such as mouse gestures and Macro extensions. K-Meleon has a built-in support for Netscape Bookmarks, Opera Hotlist and IE Favorites and this allows you to instantly import all your bookmarks.

Ease of use

K-Meleon’s interface is extremely user-friendly, with all the familiar buttons and menu items, allowing the user to easily navigate through the web pages, add them to his or her favorites, print pages, and explore the browsers’ history. The browser has built-in pop-up blocker that can be easily turned on or off, proxy support, tabbed browsing, which enables the user to work with numerous web pages at the same time, without the need of opening new browser windows; K-Meleon also supports sessions for opening numerous tabs with a single mouse click. Some of the cons of K-Meleon is the fact that some of the most widely used add-ons have to be manually installed as plug-ins and some of the advanced settings can only be changed by editing the configuration file.

K-Meleon works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, and Windows NT

Download K-Melon


  1. spiros

    Actually K-Meleon isn’t a new browser, it’s a quite mature browser and predates Firefox. K-Meleon was first released in 2000. The one of your ‘cons’ is not really validK-Meleon has an extension manager and lots of supported extension, please check: . Thanks for the good review though.

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