The more you use a computer, the slower that computer will function over time. This is a fact, and no matter how much care you take to maintain you file system, micromanagement of things like the cache files are often totally out of your control. KCleaner can help by automating the process of file maintenance, not only clearing files from windows systems but also from popular software applications, too.


Installation and Setup

KCleaner’s install is over quickly and does nothing intrusive —  other than loading up the KC Software homepage at the end of the installation. Setup options load up the first time you run the program and offer a variety of different configurations for scanning, as well as different translations of the program. The program takes up just under 3MB of space and uses just under 2MB of system memory when idle.

Ease of Use

KCleaner is designed primarily to take care of the cumbersome process of dealing with cache and temporary files. Because this is a task that often needs to be completed on a regular basis, one of the key features of KCleaner is a no-nonsense scheduling system. You can load the program at start-up, set it to clear you cache every 8 hours and then – thanks to its tiny system footprint – pretty much forget it’s there.


The program can clean up all the usual offenders from Windows – Recycle Bin, Windows Installer, Temp and Recent Files, Cookies and Log Files. However, KCleaner goes beyond many of its competitors by offering to clean the cache files of many popular applications that are well known for taking up quite a bit of space. These include Google Earth, MSN Messenger and Adobe Reader, amongst others. The program also offers secure data settings which allow you to control how thoroughly your data is wiped from your drive.

All of these settings are available on a single page and the program can be set up to run indefinitely in just a few seconds. KCleaner might not have many advanced options, but it’s a capable cleaner that can keep your computer running faster for longer.

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