Radio has always provided us good entertainment since it was discovered decades ago. With the coming of the TV a lot of people surmised the inevitable death of Radio. But this entertainment medium has evolved and even co-existed with TV. Now there are still FM radio stations that provide musical entertainment and news to all of its loyal listeners. But the coming of the internet became another threat to the existence of radio.

With a lot of content and music genre demand selection, the internet is providing an avenue for us to enjoy the tunes we love. A great example of this is a  program from UK called Last.FM
This is similar to the popular Pandora music player.

The difference between and Pandora

The difference with Last.FM is its the social networking aspect. It’s like combining Pandora with the social networking abilities of Friendster. To use Last.FM, you need to download its software bundle first then install. Not unlike in Pandora that you just have to go to its website to start listening to music. So if you will be using Last.FM on a different location or PC, you always need to install the software program first. recommends songs

The most unique thing about Last.FM is that it could automatically recommend to you songs, artists, or genre when you are listening to music. This is done through analyzing the songs that you are playing most often, or the groups that you are associated with.


This recommendation would not be possible if you are not running the Audioscrobbler plug-ins. When this option is turned on it will start collecting data about the selection of songs you are playing and post it on your profiles for others to see. It could also recommend to you groups or individuals who have the same musical preference as yours. Also with these features you could look into other peoples profile to see what they are inclined to listen too.
Now if you are a bit paranoid about the “Big Brother” effect then it is not for you. But looking at it on another perspective it could be useful for you as a music enthusiast. With the information and recommendation that it is feeding, you could discover new artists or genre that is close to your taste. Also come to think of it, the Audioscrobbler is not getting your credit card no., Social Security no., nor your bank details; so there is minimal cause for alarm.’s interface

The interface for the music is very well laid out. It is very appealing to the user and intuitive enough to be used by a beginner. It might lack the complexities of other music players but it negates this notion by its solid functionality. You will clearly see interfaces such as favorite stations, recommendations, loved tracks, recently played, or banned. This will be very useful when organizing the song that you want to listen to.
A little drawback about Last.FM is the inability to repeat a track. If you will click on the previous track that you liked only a 30-second sampler will be played. This is a minor hiccup and considering that it is still an FM radio station.


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