On paper, it’s difficult to describe the point of Launchy.  We can tell you let it lets you launch your applications quickly, but without a more thorough explanation, that simply sounds like something Windows – especially the later versions – can already do. Launchy can be a very useful little application though, especially if you don’t like the way Microsoft uses the start bar and search functions.

Launchy brings up a small list if you use an ambigious word.

Installation and Setup

Launchy installs to around 12MB of space and uses around 10MB of ram. It can be called up using a hotkey of your choice, although generally it’s quite happy to run in the background. If you plan on using the program a lot however, you can get Launchy to run at start-up. This is generally the best way to use the program as having to search to run it certainly defeats the point.

Ease of Use

Launchy provides users with a quick and easy way to find program files. The idea is that you simply type the first few letters of the name and Launchy quickly searches through all your files to find the most relevant program.

Launchy goes beyond that though. The program also searches through your IE and Firefox bookmarks, popular sites and also has a built in calculator. If Launchy doesn’t find what you’re looking for, it will turn the search into a Google search instead. This might seem like it wouldn’t work that well, but the program is actually very intelligent and doesn’t often get things wrong.

Amiongst other options, you can see Launchy's transparency and hotkey here.

The program comes with a variety of skins from the functional default to some great looking, more interesting designs. For such a simple program Launchy comes with a huge array of different options allowing you to control where and what is searches and how it displays on the desktop.

If you’ve got Windows 7 and indexing turned on, you might find that Launchy doesn’t do a lot more than Windows can already achieve. For everyone else though, Launchy is a must have application that could save you a lot of time and effort.

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