LibreOffice first came to market back in 2010. Computer users suddenly realised that the future of OpenOffice was not certain and users were uncertain of the intentions from Oracle’s perspective.

One thing that can be said about LibreOffice is that it is run by the Document Foundation. With experience in hand, the developers set to work developing a new version of LibreOffice 3.3, which is already available to download at the LibreOffice website; Each user will need to download two files in order to install the software, LibreOffice, but also a help pack as well.


Installation of the LibreOffice software is extremely simple. The help pack includes an executable full of help files which assists with the download. The only thing to understand is that the LibreOffice files will open up into the folder that the install.exe file is in and these will not be deleted after the installation is complete, which can start to cause some clutter on a system. That being said, the installation process is quick and easy.
Ease of use

Once a user has the LibreOffice suite installed onto their system, they can get started. The minute a user opens up the application, they will quickly notice that the user interface is familiar, similar to that of OpenOffice. In fact, initially, it is quite hard to determine which the new features are, and which ones were there originally.

The LibreOffice piece of software can be a great addition to many users’ computers, but not all. A lot of the features that have been incorporated into the new piece of software will suit the likes of programmers, which is not ideal. Along side this, many of the so called features that LibreOffice has included in the new software are essentially ways to fix ongoing bugs.

The features that are not designed for programmers and are not bug fixes tend not to be too impressive. For example, the Writer can now “magically” import Lotus Word Pro Files. This means if a computer has a problem, then Microsoft Works documents can be opened, hardly anything spectacular.

The features that have been incorporated into the new piece of software are not exactly spectacular, but they all have a function. They allow users to carefully navigate around the new LibreOffice to ensure that ease of use is at its optimum. Many of the updates that have occurred have been designed to make the user interface much simpler to understand.

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