MD5 Fingerprint is essentially a simple software application that makes some complicated calculations. What it will do is calculate the MD5 Hash for almost any file. After it has determined the MD5 Hash of a file, it can then directly compare it to another file. Essentially, this is something that could be done manually, but the MD5 Fingerprint will compare a file Hash quickly and easily, so that you do not have to. Whilst this might not seem like a major breakthrough, it will certainly save a lot of people time and money at the same time.

 Installation of MD5 Fingerprint

As mentioned, MD5 Fingerprint is a fairly simple piece of software. For this reason, it does not tend to take up much space on a operating system. Of course, that means that the installation process for MD5 Fingerprint is fairly painless. Most people can expect to install the MD5 Fingerprint software using the installation wizard within a matter of 3-5 minutes. The second it is installed, it is ready for use.

MD5 Fingerprint in use

Of course, it is all good and well saying a piece of software like MD5 Fingerprint is good, but it needs to be easy to use. After a quick test, the user interface seems to be fairly easy to understand. For such a simple application, it does seem a little complex, but that being said, most people will be able to get to grips with it within a matter of minutes. This simple but effective application will compared one MD5 file hash directly with another one without any human intervention.

The developers of MD5 Fingerprint have been developed new add-ons for their program to make it even easier to use. In terms of a freeware application though, this is certainly one of the best and easy to use pieces of software that are around. Of course, not all freeware has the high tech requirements of the MD5 Fingerprint software; .NET Framework 2.0 at a minimum for instance!

The idea behind the whole MD5 Fingerprint project was to help save time and money. By being able to directly compare two different MD5 file Hashes the developers have certainly managed to achieve their goal, in an easy to use way, which makes this worth looking at.

Download MD5 Fingerprint

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