When it comes to music players, there are more than a few names to choose from. From the heavyweights like Media Player and iTunes to those light on system resources and high on configurable options like Foobar. MediaMonkey fits somewhere in the middle but offers some very unique features targeted towards collectors. If you’ve got a medium to large size music collection and you’re constantly downloading lots of apps just to sort and organise it how you want, MediaMonkey could be the all-in-one solution you’ve been waiting for.


Installation and Setup

Installation of MediaMonkey itself is relatively quick and easy with no real options for install. You should still assume that it’ll take some time to actually get the program up and running however as to get full use from the player you’ll need to let it scan your computer for media files. This can take anywhere from a minute to twenty minutes depending on the size of your drive and the amount of media files you have available. MediaMonkey sits in the ‘medium’ range in terms of system resources using up a little more than Foobar but considerably less than Windows Media Player. The program installs to around 30MB of space.

Ease of Use

MediaMonkey provides you with an excellent music player, but it’s not actually its ability to play music that sets it apart, rather it’s collection of various tools and configuration settings allowing you to access and display your music how you want. Because of this focus on collections and maintenance, you’ll find that the bigger your collection is, the more useful it will be.


Amongst other tools to numerous to list, MediaMonkey offers conversion from a wide range of formats, allows quick searching to find and remove duplicate tracks, tag your files, generate reports, rip CDs, download and manage podcasts and a whole lot more. If you do a lot of work with your music collection, you could save a lot of time and space by using MediaMonkey rather than several smaller applications.

Having all these features in one place makes the interface a bit crowded and it might not suit every music collector, but its well worth a try if you keep your music in digital form.

Differences Between Free and Professional

Automatic library updating and the ability to manage multiple collections are highlights of the Gold version of the program, along with other features such as an advanced search. MediaMonkey Gold is available for $19.95 and you can download it direct from their website.

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