Miro is a cross-platform, open source software that provides you with a free high definition media player and video podcast manager. It allows you to search for video files on the most popular movie sharing sites, organize your local media files into libraries, subscribe to audio and video feeds, build playlists, and get access to legal torrents.


The installation file is 28 090KB and the installation is done in just a few easy steps: fist you have to select the default language, then either choose easy or custom install, with the latter allowing you to choose the files that Miro will handle, and the last step is agreeing to the terms and conditions and leaving the “make Ask.com the default search” option selected and agreeing to install the Ask.com toolbar. After you have installed Miro, you will have to set it up: choose if you want Miro to run every time you boot-up and if you want Miro to find all media files on your hard drive; after that you can start using the application.

Ease of use

The application is easy to use and navigate; on your left you will find all the buttons and access all the functions of the Miro guide – you can search for media files and legal torrents, add or remove video and music files to your library, subscribe to podcasts, etc. Although the creators of the application intended to make watching online videos as easy as turning on your TV, we found out that this is not exactly the case – the search is very slow at times and there is no progress bar that indicates that the applications is actually performing any operation, the videos cannot be streamed, but have to actually be downloaded before you can watch them, and the online Miro audio guide requires registration, which is also quite frustrating.

You can easily configure and customize Miro – click File from the menu, then Options and after that open any of the six available tabs if you want to change the default settings.

Miro is a freeware and runs on works on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, OSX and Ubuntu

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