MozBackup allows you to backup and restore your profile over a variety of Mozilla applications, including the popular Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client.

Installation and Setup

MozBackup can be installed via an installer package or zip file, and can be placed anywhere on your hard drive. A fresh installation takes up a tiny 1.4MB fully installed. This may rise depending on the number of profiles you back up, but it remains incredibly small even if you use the program to make regular backups. Our test system never recorded the program using anything over 2MB of system memory to run.

Ease of Use

MozBackup is an excellent example of practical and accessible freeware. It does exactly what you would expect without trying to do more than is needed. The program offers support for a large number of Mozilla applications, but the Firefox and Thunderbird profiles are what most users are likely to backup.

MozBackup - Easy Backup

With that in mind, we installed a tested a few profiles in both the programs. In each case, MozBackup detected the profiles and had everything backed-up within a few clicks. Restoring the profiles is just as easy; you just change a single option at the start of the program. Backup on a fairly large Firefox profile with a large history and over 200 bookmarks took less than a minute, so it makes the task of creating backups incredibly painless.

MozBackup covers you against loss of your profiles and will backup almost all browser settings, such as general options, bookmarks and history, cookies, saved password and even browser extensions, although the author unfortunately informs us that not all extensions are compatible with the restoration process. You can choose which option you require and even set a password.

MozBackup does its job perfectly and is a vital application for any regular user of the Mozilla suite.

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