MozyHome is one of two online backup programs offered by Mozy, the other targeted towards business users. It uses the internet to backup your data. It’s a taken a while for online backup to catch on, mostly because of the bandwidth costs involved. The lack of decent upload speed amongst users has also been a problem that high speed connections are now quickly solving. This service could very well save your job or your home life when your computer crashes loosing important documents and family memories, so it’s worth taking a look especially as Mozy offer 2GB of backup for no charge at all.


Installlation and Setup

MozyHome Free offers 2GB of backup space for free, although you do have to sign up with the service using a valid email address. You’ll also need to give out a small amount of personal information. Once this is done, MozyHome uses about 20MB of RAM on idle. When it’s transferring, you can adjust the program however you want to control the speed of your backups and the amount of resources it uses to transfer them. MozyHome takes up around 20MB of space, fully installed.

Ease of Use

MozyHome offers quite a complete package for system backup, something that has been both expensive and complicated in the past. Generally, most software that offers backup does so only to other fixed media, like another hard drive, a portable drive or a optical media like DVDs. Mozy transfers your files to a secure server that uses encryption to protect your data. You can then easily transfer them back if anything goes wrong or files are accidently deleted.


MozyHome offers a very simple startup wizard that quickly scans your system and recommends what to back-up. On our test sytem, it didn’t catch the majority of pictures and documents outside of the ‘My Documents’ and ‘My pictures’ folder, but you can add any files you wish to backup manually, as well.

Uploading takes varying lengths of time, but we’re pleased to report MozyHome quite easily maxed out our upload speed of 10 Mbps without breaking a sweat.

Offering a free 2GB of space — which is enough to protect hundreds of your most valuable documents and many of your favourite pictures — means there’s no excuse not to give Mozy a go. You never know, one day you might be thankful you did.

Differences Between Free and Professional

MozyHome works in exactly the same way as the free client but offers you unlimited backup space for just under $5 a month. There is also a professional version of the software available, aimed at businesses.

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