One of the best things about the internet and modern technology is that they’ve made music more accessible than ever. Many thousands of us have ripped all of our most precious albums to computer se we can enjoy them wherever we go. The trouble with doing this? Once you’ve got through the first 100 albums, you might notice file organisation is a problem. Poorly labelled tracks, missing artist names and misspelled albums can make searching difficult. Mp3tag can help.


Installation and Setup

Mp3tag is fairly standard in terms of installation. The program uses up about 3MB-10MB memory when in use and takes up around 5MB hard drive space. The only initial setup involves pointing the program towards the folder or folders you wish to scan the music from. Scanning is very quick and even large music collections shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Ease of Use

Mp3tag specialises in the creating and editing of music ‘tags’. These tags come in a variety of formats and can be read by just about every modern media player and MP3 device. They let you group files by album, track number, genre and just anything else you can specify making them great for categorisation. However, for them to work properly all your music needs to be tagged correctly.

This is where Mp3tag comes in. While most media players let you change tags manually one at a time, Mp3tag is a specialist program that lets you do a lot in terms of automatic and batch tagging, which means if you want to name a number of tracks in one album, you can select them all and type the album name once, not fifteen times.


The program also connects to various online databases such as FreeDB and Amazon to try and find the details of your album. If you’ve got a lot of untagged tracks this can literally save you hours manually typing in the name of each song.

About the only downside to the program is the interface which is a lot busier than it needs to be. However, the program is simple enough that you get used quickly and while it’s not perfect, it doesn’t slow down use of the program.

If you’ve got any sort of a music collection on your computer or ever intend on ripping all those CDs, Mp3tag is an absolutely indispensable tool.

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