If you want to install some of the best free Windows applications in a matter of minutes, then Ninite is all you need. It is an online “batch installer,” which allows the end user to get his or her hands on the latest versions of the most popular browsers, messengers, image editors, office tools, file sharing and other utilities. The process is quite simple and straightforward – you don’t need to register, create an account, or go through any other hoops – point, click, install and you are done. If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 or just reformatted you hard drive, then Ninite can come in handy and save you a lot of time – with close to 60 applications in more than 10 categories, it will help you populate your computer with the latest freeware and shareware programs.


Ninite is an online service and no installation per se is required. In order to start using Ninite, simply go to the website, choose the applications that you wish to install and click the get installer button. The installer that gets downloaded will only install the programs that you have chosen and nothing else.

Ease of use

The Ninite service is extremely easy to use – navigate to Ninie’s website, select the programs and tools that you want to install, click the green Get installer button and download the file. Then simply double click on it and your programs will begin installing – you don’t have to change any settings during that installation, Ninite will choose the default settings for the applications and will remove all the adware and toolbars that might be bundled with some of them. Even if you select a dozen applications, all of them will be quietly installed in the background, without any interruption. Ninite leaves no footprints on your computer whatsoever – it doesn’t install any other programs apart from the ones that you have selected yourself.

Ninite is free and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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