Nitro PDF Reader is a piece of software that works in a much more complicated manner than the majority of other PDF readers. That being said, that does not mean that the user experience is any more complicated. In fact; the user experience is simplified if anything!

The Nitro PDF Reader has a whole host of capabilities. Users using the Nitro PDF Reader can do things such as make PDF files, review and also comment on PDFs and save forms in PDF format. In fact, users can even take out text and images and type in new text and add new images if they desire.

Nitro PDF Reader uses a user interface similar to Microsoft Office, which keeps things simple. All the separate tools are in different tabs ensuring that the layout is easy to understand and use for the user.

Installation Nitro PDF Reader

The installation process for the Nitro PDF Reader is an extremely simple one. Nowadays, there are lots of websites offering the Nitro PDF Reader as a free download. Once the download is complete, the user can start the full installation process. The speed of the installation will differ dependant on each different computer, but generally the installation will not take longer than ten minutes. If it does, then contact support for some extra help (it may be the operating system is not compatible)


Nitro PDF Reader in use

The great thing about the Nitro PDF Reader is that it is incredibly easy to use. Even though the processes and the things it can do are extremely complicated in comparison to other PDF readers that certainly doesn’t mean that the user experience is affected. In fact, the layout of the Nitro PDF Reader means that it is easier to use than most other readers that are currently on the market.

One of the major features that make the Nitro PDF Reader so good, is the layout of the tools. Using the Quick Access Toolbar, users can quickly access the tools of their choice. This toolbar can be customized to ensure that only the tools that are needed are being shown. This helps with work flow and allows people to get their tasks done a lot quicker.

Unlike a lot of PDF readers, the Nitro PDF Reader helps users within the user interface. Instead of having to contact support, users can use the in application help function to get hold of information that they need.

Download Nitro PDF Reader from Brothersoft

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