We’ve reviewed a lot of browsers, and while many are taking the threat of web page scripts seriously, there are few that really specialise in what is a relatively new field in the security world. NoScript addresses that imbalance by offering up additional protection from malicious code that can work with or without additional internet security.


Installation and Setup

Because NoScript is a part of Firefox it’s hard to tell exactly how much disk space and resources it uses, although as we’ve felt no noticeable difference we’d say the anecdotal evidence points towards ‘very little’. NoScript will require some setting up depending on the level of security you want it to provide, and like any Firefox extension, installation will require a reset of the browser, but not the operating system.

Ease of Use

NoScript works by disabling JavaScript and Java, blocking it from your browser before it executes rather than waiting for you to download before scanning like most virus checkers. The obvious problem is that there’s plenty of JavaScript around on the net and the vast majority isn’t malicious.


Luckily, NoScript does everything it can to strike a good balance between security and usefulness. Firstly, there’s an online maintained list of sites it doesn’t block at all, featuring well known email systems as well as most search engines and Wikipedia. Even if a site isn’t listed though, you can permanently or temporarily allow access with the push of a button thanks to NoScript’s action bar that sits on the bottom of your screen.

Although Firefox is generally considered to be a very safe option when it comes to browsers, that doesn’t make it invulnerable. NoScript alone is capable of blocking many of these exploits and for this reason it’s more than recommend you give it a try. Viruses have moved on from disk and email attachments and now any site could potentially cause you a major headache. NoScript can prevent this from ever happening, and for the amount of time it takes to download and install, it’s a very powerful piece of software.

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