Notepad++ is a text editor that serves as an excellent replacement for the notepad application of your operating system.


Installation and Setup

Notepad++ comes with .zip and .exe setup options, although we advise using the installer rather than unzipping the program yourself. Installation is easy and you can customise which components and plugins to install, although most are selected by default. Due to the small size of the program – Notepad++ installs to around 6 MB – keeping all the plugins installed isn’t really a problem. Notepad++ has been designed with very low CPU usage in mind and its impact on system resources is indeed quite negligible.

Ease of Use

Notepad++ is the type of program you didn’t know you needed until you download it. It improves on the original Notepad in just about every way.

Notepad++ can keep up with a variety of plain text tasks, and is great for making quick edits or writing notes. Features like full zooming, auto complete and bookmarking all make using the program very easy. One of the nicest things about Notepad++ is what it doesn’t include, however. The program makes no attempt to be a fully featured Word replacement or editing software. Instead, it concentrates on a minimal interface, plugin based feature addons and simplicity backed up by some clever features.


One thing Notepad++’s feature set is especially geared towards is coding. The program has full colour-coded support for tons of languages and all the popular ones such as CSS, HTML and C++ are included. This makes it an excellent tool for people who prefer to hand code rather than use expensive editors. The coding options are easy to set up but don’t get in the way of casual users.

Because Notepad++ improves on the original concept of text software while getting nothing wrong at all, it’s impossible not to recommend it to anyone who even occasionally uses a text editing program.

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