Bytesignals has created another great application and thanks to the programmer, Dajia Zhu, it really works. Nspaces is a multiple virtual desktop application. Many computer users have windows or programs open that could be grouped. For example, a graphic designer might have their personal emails and accounts open, alongside websites and graphic design tools. If they could group these items into two separate desktops, such as Personal and Design, then it would make their daily routine a lot easier than it is currently. Nspaces provides users with the ability to do exactly that.

Screenshot of nSpaces - Your Spaces

Nspaces is literally packed with useful features that help make multiple virtual desktops happen effectively. Of course, the main feature is that users can create a launch multiple desktops on one computer. This reduces the need to mess around with lots of windows, or lots of different computers. Of course, they also allow users to open applications of their choice, on the virtual desktop of their choice.

When a user is creating a virtual desktop on nSpaces, they can give it a name. This feature becomes incredibly important when users have 3-4 desktops running at once, to ensure that they can get to the right desktop as quickly as possible. On a similar note, each of the desktop spaces can be coloured or have its own background, so the user knows instantly whether or not they are in the right place, without having to flick through applications or windows.

Screenshot of nSpaces

For those that work in an office environment, it might be that some of the virtual desktops need to be kept protected. For this, users can create the space but also set a password. Only those that know the password to the desktop will be able to gain access. Of course, when the space has been created and a password assigned to it if necessary, users can start creating hot keys of their choice, making working that little bit easier and that little bit more efficient.

If a user has created their desktops, they can start organising them in a way that suits them. They can drag and drop the different windows and applications that they currently have open quickly and easy, which is something that similar applications can not do. Labelling the desktop with text is also a feature that has been incorporated to help users that little bit more.

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