Omea Reader from Jetbrains is an all in one RSS, NNTP and bookmark reader and manager. It allows you to view all of your RSS feeds from one place as well as manage bookmarks, keep notes and maintain contacts.

Installation and Setup

Omea reader isn’t the most lightweight reader around but it does one of most fully featured. Although it can’t quite compete with its bite sized competition, it’s still a very small 12MB fully installed.

Ease of Use

It’s a little unfair to review Omea as just an RSS reader. As a standalone reader it’s just as fast and practical as any of its peers but where Omea really shines is in integration of a variety of different programs. Fully utilising Omea might mean you can cut down on the amount of applications you need, and that’s always good news.


Omea can handle the usual RSS and Atom streams, but it can also browse newsgroups, manage your bookmarks, contacts and clippings. It can take some time to get used to using Omea rather than your default program for these tasks, but once you do you’ll find out how much easier having them all in one place can be. Luckily, Omea’s wizard style menus allow you to import all of your old details from programs like Microsoft Outlook, Explorer and Firefox within seconds, so the initial set-up won’t take hours to sort out.

Omea lets you view of this data either together in an overview screen or in separate, more detailed tabs. There are multiple options for each tab so you can view and sort all the data in a way that works for you.

Omea does suffer in terms of memory usage and often the longer the program is left on for, the more memory it sucks up. Recent versions do go some way to solving this problem, however. Overall, it’s more than worth checking out thanks to the amount of time it can save the information hungry net user.

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