Online Armor is a free firewall program that offers increased functionality far in advance of that seen in Windows’ own firewall program. Kernel mode security, script protection and a process guard are amongst its range of features, so if you’ve been using Windows firewall to protect yourself from online attacks in the past, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.


Installation and Setup

The program initially scans any ‘problem areas’ of your system, allowing you to check and confirm that everything you have running is something that you wish to run, either as a process or during start-up. OA uses a surprisingly small amount of RAM, taking up about 30MB, in total. You can even turn the GUI of the program off to free up some memory, which is a great feature. The program installs to 20MB of hard drive space.

Ease of Use

Online Armor has won various rewards for its Firewall software, which is very simple to use.

Once the initial checks have been completed, you’re pretty much set in terms of protection, although you’ll need to do some of your own setting up depending on what programs you want to communicate with the web.

The program is designed to stop all of the targeted, malicious attacks by hackers often using open ports or operating system exploits to gain access to your computer and personal data. As it’s not a security suite, it doesn’t protect you against any other online problems like viruses or spyware, but it can make up for this with its very low system overhead.


However, despite all of the rewards for the program, few have applied to the free version which is incredibly neutered compared to the professional edition. It’s a shame that a few more features weren’t allowed in the free edition, especially as many other security programs consider many of the ones left out as ‘basic’ protection.

Nevertheless, Online Armor can do a lot more than your default firewall software without consuming up your entire systems memory and its interface and looks are superb.

Differences between Free and Professional

The professional version of the program – with the same name minus the ‘free’ tag costs $39.95 or £24. As well as offering full technical support the program provides various protections against keyloggers and includes a resident mail and web shield.

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