Sometimes you will need to do a online scan because the virus/orm have blocked the antivirus you are locally running on your computer. This might take some time, but you can leave you computer and do something else because you don’t have to do anything while it’s scanning.
I will list the best online virus scanners that I know. I use them often when I help people with viruses and spyware.

ESET Online Scanner

Maybe the best free scanner out there. Uses the same database as the famous NOD32 Antivirus, this means it’s always up to date!

Panda Active Scan

This scanner is great because it leaves a nice logg you can examine, or send it to an expert.
The scanner detects the following types of malware: worms, viruses, trojans, dialers, hacking tools, jokes and security risk.
This scanner does disinfect viruses, worms and trojans.
You will need Internet Explorer to use this.


This is also a good online virus scanner. You have two independent Core Engines to choose from. You can use the ActiveX Core Engine which require Internet Explorer, or you can choose The Java VM Core Engine which can be run on almost any browser. You just need Java VM which you can download from
This scanner does detect a range of Internet security threats including viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware. It does detect system vulnerabilities and provides a link so you can easily download missing security patches.

Single file scanning

Got a file you suspect contains badware and your antivirus says its clean. Then you should try out this free service provided by

It uses several antivirus programs to scan the file you upload including the famous NOD32 and the Russian Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Go ahead, submit your files to the only limitation is that the max file size is 15Mb per file.

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